How to troubleshoot your Karaoke System

You are enjoying every karaoke party at your home, practice singing, or just listening to your favorite karaoke music, but what if all of a sudden; it simply won’t play music at all? Or the microphone just suddenly sounds weird, and your song and mood is ruined? What should you do? What just happened?

Over time, that karaoke system for sale that you once bought will surely experience problems. Machines are not perfect, they may encounter some technical difficulties, especially, when your karaoke is somewhat worn out. But sometimes, even if it is still new, it may also have some troubles. The good thing is that it still has its warranty.

So, when the warranty period is over and you experience some problems with your karaoke, here are some basic troubleshooting guides.

Why does my karaoke won’t turn on?

You spent some time pushing that power button, but it still won’t turn on? It can piss you off, but before doing something horrible with your karaoke (when your temper loses), try to check if it is properly plugged in. When it still won’t work, check if the power source or outlet is working or not or check if there is electricity supply. If there is a power supply, try other appliance if they will work with the outlet. If it is effective, you can then check the cord of your karaoke if it is damaged or not.

Why does it have no display?

You turn it on, but the lyrics and video background won’t display? Check if the output display is turned on or plugged in also. Check if the TV is in the right function. Other Displays have many functions for different viewing mode; make sure that it is in video mode or in display mode. Also, check if the connector is plugged into the karaoke system. Make sure to see if all the required cables are connected to the system before you start your karaoke.

Why does the CD won’t play?

It powers on, the display is turned on also, the right functions are set too, but why wouldn’t it play the Karaoke DISC? Check if the disc is properly placed on the right side up position, if not, eject it and put it properly. Make sure that the disc is not damaged too. No spills or scratches on it. No magnetic contact or any part of it chipped out. Make sure that it is clean and use only the proper cleaning cloth to avoid disc scratches. Avoid using your shirt to wipe the dust on it.

Why doesn’t it have sound?

Another common problem that is mostly experienced by karaoke users Is the sound. Sometimes, the karaoke is displaying the lyrics and video backgrounds, but the sound is missing. The karaoke is not complete without its sound. Check if your speakers are working. If they are separated from the karaoke system, make sure that they are plugged in too. Check all the wiring and sound inputs so that the sound will come out. Also check the function and mode of your system if the sound is enabled. Or check if the volume is turned on to the minimum level.

I hope these simple troubleshooting guides will help you. Always take care of your karaoke system. Happy troubleshooting guys.

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