Karaoke Saved our Show!

This story is from a friend of mine. It was pretty cool so I decided to share it with you so here goes:

This is a story of how a wireless karaoke machine saved our asses. It was just last May 2015 when we, the local choir for the church in our village, had a concert. It was all almost unplanned: 1 month of preparation, practice, choreography, prop making, logistics—everything!

One of the biggest concerns we had was that, originally, we wanted to hire a band that would play the whole concert so that transitions and medleys can be done smoothly. The band we got was a combo that played in bars. They played well but our issues was that, because they haven’t played together for long (they became a band just one month before we started negotiating with them), the also don’t know a lot of songs or how flexible each other can be.

wireless karaoke show

Deciding not to risk the performance, we let them play songs they knew (thus the photo with setup but no band) and went with minus ones for the other songs ergo. Among our highlight performances was Let’s Get Loud.

And then it happened.

The CD/minus one won’t play, not to mention, the microphones that the mobile unit provided was faulty. A couple of minutes (after apologizing to the audience for technical difficulties), one of the members comes back with a wireless plug-and-play karaoke.

We give the karaoke to the mobile unit, input the song, and rekindled the show from there (with one extra wireless mic to boot!). A couple of songs after (a lot of the other songs won’t play so we used the karaoke a couple more times), when the show ended, we still can’t believe how brilliant and convenient was it that our member thought about a wireless karaoke system. Apart from that short interlude, people said that the concert was good. As for me, I’m just glad that we managed to pull it off. That wireless unit was a godsend!

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