What Are The Karaoke System Components?

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Karaoke system for sale is mostly heard on karaoke bars, they use karaoke as a source of income. Because a lot of people like to sing, they often go to the famous karaoke bars in town. When someone wants to improve or train his/her voice, karaoke is by far is the ideal device. It also is a good confidence building tool. If your friends want to have fun, a great way to enjoy their company is by singing in karaoke. Some companies use this as their resource for team building exercises. Parents and teachers also use it as an educational tool.

If you want to build your own karaoke system, here are the main karaoke components:

Karaoke System Components

Multi-format Disc Player

This is the primary component of a karaoke system. This allows different versions of Karaoke Disc to be played. There are updates to the song every now and then, and some uses multi-file formats like CD, DVD, and MP3. It is vital that your player has USB Function.

Karaoke Mixer with Amplifier

This equipment will be responsible for the sound output. The karaoke is useless without the sound and microphone inputs. And even if it has sound, it should be of high quality, with echo, reverb and other effects function. The mixer and amplifier will handle all those sound enhancements and effect to produce a high-quality sound output.

A High-quality sound is very important, although the mixer and amplifier are responsible for the sound effects, the speaker system will be the one who will produce that sound quality. There are many types of speakers that you can choose from, but the advisable speaker size is 12 to 15 inches with 100 watts of output. You can also add an extra speaker that is dedicated for the base. Combining them will definitely produce a powerful and high-quality sound.

Microphone System

Nowadays, wireless microphone systems are becoming more popular compare to the classic microphone system. Aside from the advantage of being cordless, the singer will be more comfortable because he/she can sing freely without worrying about the cord, and can position anywhere as long as he/she is within the receiver’s range.

Flat Screen Television Monitor  

A karaoke system will not be complete without the Video Output. A flat screen television monitor will definitely make any singer enjoy the songs and will be more comfortable. The lyrics should be large enough that anyone can read them.

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